L.A. Got Aloha!

How’s it going everybody? Hope all is well! I know it was like a few months ago or what not but I finally found the time to write about our “L.A. Got Aloha!” show. First off I had an amazing time! Thank you to everyone that came out and participated in the event, it was such an humbling experience to share with you all. This was the 2nd show we promoted under RisingSons Independent and personally felt like it was a success. Of course we have a long way to go, and a long road a head of us, but we are all determined to create bigger and more exciting events.

The Show started off great! A friend of mine from Hawaii, Splinta just so happened to be in L.A. and last minute jumped on the show. It was so cool to have another local from Hawaii rocking the same stage as I was here in Los Angeles. All performers did an amazing job, and all the visual artists brought breathtaking pieces! While Scotty The Kid, M.C. Ewok One, Mokka Frapp, The Trouble Shooters, MK of Ever Ready Records, and American Trash Republic we’re killing it on stage the live painters also brought their A game.

Meex One painted an amazing piece of art directly on the wall of the venue. Michelle Chan, Znuph, APESR, Zina, And Pete Doronio all brought canvases to paint on during the event. It was so cool seeing the progression from start to finish with all these talented artists, and it all mixed in so well with the live Hip-Hop.

When we got on stage it was bananas! Every one was cheering, I got to jump on stage a bit, and we got to share a few new songs with the crowd. It was probably one of our best Analog Dive performances yet.Nearing the end of the event, VerBS took the stage! It was a really fun experience being in the crowd while the dude did his thing. The dude even jumped in the crowd! It was fun, everyone threw their hands up, jumped around, and had a great time. And everything was captured on film from the amazing film crew of 187 Productions.

We plan to make “L.A. Got Aloha!” an on going event. The whole idea behind it is to get a bunch of artists (visual art & musical art) to get together and share with Los Angeles what they love to do. Aloha means love, and L.A. definitely got lot’s of it! Hence how the event name came about, “L.A. Got Aloha!”

Special thanks to everyone that came to the show, it really does mean a lot!
We hope to see you all at future events.
Thank you to Pete Ulatan for providing the Nakama Brand Clothing
187 Productions & Arnel Albayadle For providing the footage
Splinta (the Homie CHAD!), Kurt Rogers, Derek Gamba, Jose Perez, Scotty The Kid, M.C. Ewok One, Mokka Frapp, The Trouble Shooters, MK of Ever Ready Records, American Trash Republic, VerBS, Dj Stereotype, Van The Vandel, Lovelin, Diane Abapo, Sarah Lee, C.Dillon, Rory Tool, Zina Phoeniz, Pete Doronio, Jon Tothe J, booleep, EddieSeven, God Awful, BOISE, & Sleepwalker

Sorry for any miss-spelling 😛
-Blake (CrazyEight)

You can Check out more pics from L.A. Got Aloha! here: http://s539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/CrazyEight808/LA%20Got%20Aloha/

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2 Responses to L.A. Got Aloha!

  1. C. Dillon says:

    Killer run-down of the night, great to hear your thoughts on it as well. Hope we can do this again, and you know I’d love to be an even bigger part of it next time around. Thanks for putting on yet another great show, for showing so much love to the local talent, and for giving credit to all the other talented individuals who made it possible.

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