From The Geisha House 2 The Dragon Fly

Since only every once in a while I write a blog I’ll go over the highlights of what we have been up to. Mostly show/event wise over the last few months.
I guess we’ll start off at the Geisha house-
Honestly I had no idea what to expect, and from what I heard was that this place had no stage and was in the middle of a restaurant. I felt kind of bad because in my opinion I didn’t do a good job promoting the show that well. When I get there I see that this place is right on Hollywood blvd, there was a stage, and the vibe of the place was awesome and not in the middle of the restaurant, but above it. I was also very sick which kind of made me worry about the outcome of my performance. But after Eddie gave me a shot of tequila it was all good :]. We hit the stage and killed it! Not to mention that the turn out was amazing. The crowd was almost all women, which was awesome to see all these random beautiful women throwing there hands up and singing along to our songs.

Next stop was the San Diego show w/h Pigeon John @ The Kava Lounge-
So as a 4 year California resident, I apparently don’t know my way around California. I have this retarded Tom Tom GPS thing that totally fucked up my ride over there. A trip that should’ve only took 2 hours almost took a womping 5 F’n hours! Drivers must’ve of thought I was psychotic when I took my frustration out by punching the steering wheel. I pretty much started off on the 405 when my genius GPS decided to take me East to the 5, waaay to early, pretty much making Zig-zags through traffic from L.A. to SD. When I finally got to San Diego it was awesome! Met up with a bunch of friends from Hawaii and went to the Kava Lounge to a great show. I was surprised that they actually had Kava at this place, and introduced Pete Ulatan to his first serving of dirt O_o. Super cool to be rocking with a bunch of Big Island boys. Pigeon John Rocked it and Cizflow with Hi Roots shut it down! Also bumped into Reason The Citizen, another amazing rapper from Sand Diego.

photography by:Pete Ulatan:
                                                     Pics from the Pigeon John Show in Los Angeles taken from C. Dillon:                                         

The icing on this blog was The Dragon Fly– My favorite place to perform at. The art in this place is just sooo Alive! Everyday Inc. really knows how to put on a show and
consecutively pulls it off every monday at the Fly. We had an entirely new set for that night and had planned to do the show like it would be our last. A cool little surprise was Dj Dinari. We just met this guy (which was the house dj), helped us out with our set, and he killed it on the 1s & 2s. It was like we’d rehearsed this thing months before the show. Needles to say this was by far my favorite show that we’ve ever done. Even after we got done with our set the entire night was raging! Great artwork by Pete Doronio and the Collective Aesthetics, as well as the homie Louis Morello. And awesome performances by Random Citizens, The Handroids, and everyone that did their thing that night. If you missed out with this show, you need to go to the next one.

You can also check out Dillon’s run down of the night here (he has more photos of the event) :

We should be getting footage from the other camera soon. Sorry some reason the audio on this camera didn’t come out that great.

Much Aloha to everyone that continuously comes to our shows and has a damn good time, high five muh fuckahs!
187 Productions along with Nelson, Arnel, and the rest of their filming crew. The Love Alone & Meex One, NAKAMA Brand & Pete Ulatan, Eddie Vela, Eddie Saucedo, HI Roots & Cizflow, and C. Dillon Martin.
All Smiles Kids!


P.S. again my apologies for any miss spelling 😀

You Can View Larger Images Here:

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